Learn, experience and network: Empower Workshop

Prior to the annual conference, EMPOWER, itSMF organizes separate engaging workshops. Come to learn, experience and network!

On November 1st the workshop in Hotel President, Helsinki is led by two international top speakers: 

Sam Rosbergen (Brunel Principal DevOps Consultant / Digital Sherpa / DASA Influencer, DevOps Agile Skills Association) and Claudine Koers (Business Development Manager, GamingWorks).

Sam leads us to an agile transformation at 13.10 o'clock under title Formula-X and Claudine simulates cooperation between business and IT suppliers at 15:30 o'clock by title Experience managing the multi-vendor environment of Hollywood Dreams. Read more

The workshop is held in English and you can attend even if you are not able to make it to the actual conference. Welcome!

Empower Workshop price for our members is 75 € + VAT 24 % and without membership 100.00 € + VAT 24 % 

Program & registration