Online Workshop 14.-15.10.2020 Solve Troubleshoot, Stefan Brahmer

SOLVE Troubleshooting Training,  Stefan Brahmer, Senior Consultant / Senior Solution Architect

Warmly welcome to the SOLVE Troubleshooting Training, on the 14th-15th of October 2020, at 14:00-18:30!

Agenda Day 1&2:

  • 13:45-14:00 Login to the workshop​
  • 14:00-14:05 ItSMF opening
  • 14:05-18:30 SOLVE Troubleshooting Training, Stefan Brahmer, Senior Consultant/Senior Solution Architect

SOLVE Troubleshooting Training, what participants will learn:

This instructor lead learning format will introduce the concepts of Systematic Troubleshooting and FLOW through a series of group exercises - featuring robotic systems - to the audience. It is PowerPoint free and uses modern concepts like gamification, experiential learning, team collaboration and structured documentation.

The fully digital learning format covers the following content

  1. Symptom description – experience the importance of a precise symptom description for effective troubleshooting (individual and collaborative)
  2. Factual description using simplified comparative analysis
  3. Generation and evaluation of possible causes
  4. Taking action with confidence and by minimizing fix attempts for increased First-Time-Fix Rate and minimize equipment downtime.

The training will also address the topics of

  1. Collaborative troubleshooting
  2. Documentation quality 
  3. Information hand-over (escalation / shift handover / involvement of others) between teams
  4. Working under time constraints

The delivery language is English and participants will have to attend ZOOM meeting.



Stefan Brahmer, Senior Consultant / Senior Solution Architect, Expert in (Major) Incident and Problem Management, Operational Risk Mitigation,Incident and Problem Management in DevOps / Agile

He is an expert for troubleshooting and risk mitigation skill development, live application and implementation in Technical Service and Support environments. He focuses on designing, leading and managing solutions in different industries. 

Stefan held various positions with Kepner-Tregoe Inc. as a delivery consultant, lead consultant and global relationship manager before becoming partner in Sim4People -a Danish start-up focusing on Simulation-Based Training solutions.

Stefan has been managing and delivering a portfolio of projects to improve performance in Incident- and Problem Management over the last couple of years -including global implementation projects for multinational companies with as many as 3000 engineers and managers being involved.

His client portfolio includes companies like : T-Systems, Vodafone DE and IRL, T-Mobile, Dimension Data South Africa, Cisco TAC Europe, Atos, Swisscom, Deutsche Bank IT, Walt Disney Corp IT, Volkswagen, Honda North America.

Being a recognized expert in the IT Service Management arena – Stefan is a regular speaker at international conferences. 


The workshop is free for ItSMF's members. For non-members the cost is 100,00€ / 2 days, per person.