How to bring customer experience to a support organisation, Olivier Pierrot/F-Secure


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  • 10:05-11:00 Olivier Pierrot/F-Secure: How to bring customer experience to a support organisation

Presentation: How to bring customer experience to a support organisation

How to bring customer experience into a support organisation and how to bring a support organisation into the overall customer experience journey of your company in 3 quick and easy steps. Ok, maybe not so quick and easy. 

Speaker: Olivier Pierrot Director, Customer Care/F-Secure

Oliver has been working for over 25 years in the IT industry with a strong emphasis in all things customer related. He worked in various roles, mostly in support functions also project management and his true love is customer support, the connection between people's aspiration and needs and the hard cold world of bits and bytes.

He has been working in F-Secure 14 years and is currently leading the global customer support for their consumers, corporate customers and partner/service providers.

He is driven by constant improvments in people, processes, himself and the people aspect of management, doing a lot of coaching and mentoring for his teams and also outsiders.

When he is not saving the customers of this world, Oliver is entertaining his 3 children, taking long walks and travelling (well, not so much of that recently...).

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